Nothing is little. …no cry goes unheard…


Sometimes in life, you get these incredible God moments. Time stands still and it’s just you and him. This picture reflects one of those moments. There is a gentleman in this picture that joined us in prayer. Our group was standing in front of our new London City Missions building, praying over it. He had walked by the group. .. stood for a moment on the corner and then walked back towards us and I’ll never forget the look in his eyes when he asked me if we were praying. I said yes, would you like to join us and he jumped in. The prayer he prayed still gives me goosebumps. His cry to God, His request for clarity was so heartfelt. After he said his prayer, he picked up his things and went about his day. I never learned his name or his story, but really, that doesn’t matter. God knows it. I know God heard his prayer and this guy’s life will change forever. This is what we do. This is why we do it!!

It’s time…

Well,  it’s almost time.  My flight to England leaves very early in the morning. 

Last year at this time,  the idea of going to England, let alone on a missions trip, was only a dream.  It was a picture on my dream board.  It was always a “someday”.


And now,  12 months later,  I’m packed and getting ready to board a plane to England for the second time in 6 months.  I’ve always said living with God is an adventure and he is taking me on an adventure of a lifetime.  This would not be possible  without him and those that are supporting me.  Not just financially,  but with prayer,  encouragement and love. 

Lord,  Thank you so much for your grace,  your love and your work in my life.  Thank you for the people you have brought into my life and the many blessings you have given me.  Lord,  you are so amazing and I’m humbled to be working for you.  Please keep us all safe and please keep those that are traveling tomorrow safe.  Be with our partners over seas and help us to shed light in the darkness and plant seeds of hope.  Amen.

Let the adventure begin!

Faith… It’s Not Always Easy To Have


Before I knew God, I hated when people talked to me about faith. They made it seem like something magical, unattainable.  “Just have faith” they would say.  My response would always be “Hurumph, that’s easy for you to say.  You’re not going through crap”.

Those days are now long gone. 

It’s amazing how much faith we already have. We have blind faith that when we walk into an elevator, it will take us to the floors we want it to. When we sit at our desks, we have faith that the chair we sit in will hold us. When we hug our children, we have faith that they will hug us back (unless they are teenagers) but I think you get the point. When we are going through our crap, it’s easier to focus on the crap than it is to reach for the toilet paper.

Having faith isn’t magic.  It comes from your personal relationship with God. The best example I can give you is my personal experience.  There are things in my life that I just have to trust God with.  God had proven to me that he always is faithful. When I was 17 and homeless,  God kept me from harm.  When I was 18 and pregnant and alone,  he provided for me by bringing my babies adopted parents to my life.   Take my missions trip this past June for example.  I only had 2 months to raise $4k.  I didn’t have a job and my husband and I were living paycheck to paycheck,  but I received every penny I needed to go because God made it happen.

My life has taught me that the biggest hindrance to faith is us.  Because we can’t tangibly put our hands around it,  we want to control everything. If we can control life and circumstance,  we wouldn’t need faith or God.

I know what my life was like when I didn’t want God and I know what my life is like with him in it. It’s taken me years to develop it and I’m a pretty stubborn control freak. .. the hardest thing I had to learn was trust in him.  I’m so glad I did. My faith is constantly growing as my relationship with God grows.  It truly is a life long adventure!

Here is what I know…

1. I have to serve God

2. I have to serve God in England

How?  God’s been working out the details in front of my eyes since I said “Ok God, here I am,  use me,  send me”.


Don’t get me wrong,  my missions trip started at home.  It started with my family,  my neighbors, my community,  my local church.  When I’m not in England,  I’m still serving God in the states.